As you know,  today Deacon James officially ends his ministry in Our Lady Queen of Martyrs and Swanage parishes.

He came to our parishes 2 years ago this month to assist Father Paul by easing some of the pressure he was experiencing serving

4 churches, two prisons and 2 schools.

Deacon James immediately got involved the life of both parishes, through preaching at Mass, preparation of the Bidding prayers, encouraging altar-servers, celebrating Holy Hours & Benediction and
most importantly being available to parishioners, not only after Mass but when he was needed….. and so much more …

Deacon James told me the story about his Father saying to him:
“James, you’re a Deacon, are you a good Deacon?”
James responded by saying that He hoped he was. His Father replied:
“Does that mean you will be promoted to Padre?”
As you will all know, that’s NOT the way the Catholic Church works!

Over this summer period, James has invested his time and energy in overseeing the building work required at Swanage presbytery, in preparation for the arrival of Father Tim and his wife Judith.

Deacon James moves on to new forms of service, possibly overseeing the design process for a new church in North Dorset.

Let’s not forget that behind every successful man, is a wonderful woman!  We thank Anna, James’ wife, for supporting
James in his ministry to us all!

We thank you James for all you have done for us. We wish you well in your continuing ministry as a Deacon and will remember you, Anna and your family in our prayers.

Below we print a short note that we received from Deacon James in October:

October 2018.

Thank you to all the parishioners for their extraordinarily generous and thoughtful gifts you gave to me in October. The drawing is not only very cleverly executed but is so very apposite and accurate. Serving you in Wool was the greatest privilege so far in my life as a deacon and one that has had a marked impact on me.

Deacon James.