CAFOD Advent Prayer Pilgrimage

The aim and ambition of the CAFOD Advent Prayer Pilgrimage is to be a family that prays
together so it can stay together AND shows it is a family that cares for its community and
the earth.

Introduction to CAFOD Advent Prayer Pilgrimage

Route through CAFOD Advent Prayer Pilgrimage

Christmas Star Map

Dorchester Food Bank

Swanage Food Bank

Wareham Food Bank

 ** CAFOD’s Coronavirus Appeal **

CAFOD is asking our parish communities to come together in person or virtually and respond in faith with one another to tackle this unprecedented modern emergency – Covid 19.

Simon Giarchi, who leads the Plymouth diocese Plymouth office, has written to us:

“You all are truly inspirational and highly contagious in your hope, compassion and love! – Go for it! 😊 Together with our amazing parish communities we can and will make a massive difference and help, in a very practical and tangible way, save lives, livelihoods and begin to get stuck into this most urgent fightback against Covid 19. All my love to you all and the biggest thanks for all of your inspirational support and hard work for our sisters and brothers.”

  • Click here to read more about why CAFOD is making the appeal;
  • Click here to read how you can help;
  • Click here if you can join or support our Parish walk. 

Click here to chart our progress

Support Purbeck Parishes CAFOD Coronavirus Appeal



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Please take a look at these three videos about CAFOD’s work in Sierra Leone which illustrate the particular problems faced by our brothers and sisters in the poorest countries and what CAFOD is doing to help:

Coronavirus threatens Sierra Leon

CAFOD responds to coronavirus in Sierra Leone

CAFOD supporters keep hope alive in Sierra Leone